Many people helped me do the work presented in this book, and I want to thank them all: the residents and workers at Thunderbird House, especially Dave Albert and Ernie Turner; people from the missions and churches I worked in, especially Dianne Quast, Greg Alex, Fran and Lee Chase, Linda Larsen, Gracie Brooks, John Nelson, Susan Kresge, Jim Fergin, Gladys Boswell, Orvel Kester, and Bud Cripes; my former colleagues at The Seattle Times, especially Kathy Andrisevic and Gary Settle, and Rich Shulman of The Herald (in Everett, Washington); my teachers and fellow students in photography at the University of Washington, especially Vicki Demetre, Marilyn Evans, Sarah Hart, Ron Carraher, and Chris Christofides; and the friends who read and commented on the manuscript at various times: Mary Jo Neitz, John Hall, Jay Ruby, Harvey Molotch, Doug Harper, Bruce Jackson, Diane Christian, Michael Joyce, and Howie Becker.

This project began as an MFA project in photography at the University of Washington. I owe special thanks to Paul Berger, who advised me while I was doing it. An early version of this book appeared as an exhibit at the Curved Entrance Gallery at Stephens College. I owe special thanks as well to Jan Colbert, who designed that exhibit and this book.